The Prism Podcast – Episode 47

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Latasha Wright received her Ph.D. from NYU Langone Medical Center in cell and molecular biology. She went on to continue her scientific training at Johns Hopkins University and Weill Cornell Medical Center. She has co-authored numerous publications and presented her work at international and national conferences. She is an experienced grant writer. She received her training in development at the Park Avenue Armory under the direction of the Manager of Institutional Giving. The BioBus enables her to share her love of science with a new generation of potential scientists. The BioBus creates a setting that fosters innovation and creativity. Students are encouraged to ask questions, formulate hypotheses, and design experiments. Everyday that she spends teaching students about science in this transformative environment helps her remember that science is fun. She loves sharing the journey of discovery with students of all ages.

The Prism Podcast – Episode 46

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Randy Olson is a scientist-turned-filmmaker who earned his Ph.D. in Biology from Harvard University and became a tenured professor of marine biology at the University of New Hampshire before changing careers by moving to Hollywood and entering film school at the University of Southern California.

He has written three books dealing with improving communication skills for scientists (and everyone else):

Don’t Be Such a Scientist: Talking Substance in an Age of Style, 2009 (Island Press)

Connection: Hollywood Storytelling meets Critical Thinking, co-written with Dorie Barton and Brian Palermo, 2013 (Prairie Starfish Productions).

Houston, We Have A Narrative: Why Science Needs Story, To be released September 2015 (University of Chicago Press)

In this episode of The Prism, Randy discussed the role of narrative in science, and how his “And, But, Therefore” template can be useful for communicators of all stripes.

The Prism Podcast – Episode 45

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Britt Marie Hermes was a naturopathic physician in the US for three years before becoming disillusioned with the profession. Realizing that Naturopathy was primarily an ideology based system rather than science based one, Britt made the difficult decision to leave her career. Hoping to help educate others as to the “inner workings” of Naturopathy, Britt started a blog called Naturopathic Diaries (

The Prism Podcast – Episode 44

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Clay Jones steps in for Jason as we interview Alan Levinovitz. Alan Levinovitz is an assistant professor of Chinese philosophy and religion at James Madison University and author of The Gluten Lie: And Other Myths About What You Eat.

Also, the winner of the Prism Podcast – Carbon Dating caption contest is announced!

The Prism Podcast – Episode 43

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Kyle Sanders is the creator of the wonderful skeptical and science based comic strip Carbon Dating ( He shares how he gets his material for his strip, AND he has agreed to partner with The Prism in a cartoon captioning contest!