The Prism Podcast – Episode 35

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In this episode of the Prism, Dr. Nareg Apelian discusses a model of dental (and medical) care that focuses on an equal sharing of power in the conversation. This non-paternalistic approach involves the patient their own care and takes the whole of the patient’s circumstances, desires, and other social factors into account when deciding the best approach to care.

The Prism Podcast – Episode 34


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RANDIWe are thrilled to interview James “The Amazing” Randi on this episode of The Prism! Magician, Debunker, Skeptic, and one of the founders and leaders of the skepticism movement as we know it today, Randi is a hero to many, including us. In this interview, we discuss The Amazing Meeting (TAM), the new direction the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) is taking, and whether his beard has magical powers. Enjoy!!

Episode 34

James “the amazing” Randi

Alice Cooper discussion and stories.


Magic and Skepticism – why does there seem to be so much overlap?

JREF (James Randi Education Foundation)

A little history, present and future.


The state of critical thinking today.

Mentors and inspirations

The beard

Beer tricks and treats

TAM – The Amazing Meeting

The Amaz!ng documentary “An Honest Liar” –

WOD: Propitious

The Prism Podcast – Episode 33


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In this episode, we interview Dr. Ginger Campbell, host of the popular Brain Science Podcast. We discuss her show as well as her other podcast, Books and Ideas. Brain plasticity, the role of exercise on brain health and function, and other fascinating topics are covered in this episode.

Episode 33

Dr. Ginger Campbell

-Brain Science Podcast

Philosophy discussed (east, west, mind)

“Likeness of Being” discussed – physics.  Books and Ideas website (interviews and reviews).

Writing a book and communication skills.

Journal accessibility

Dr. Campbell has just started a fellowship in palliative care.  Briefly discussed.

Exercise and Neuroplasticity; interview with John Ratey, author of “Spark.”

Different intensity of exercise has different brain benefits.

Humans evolved to move…sea squirt example.

Find something you can enjoy and someone to do it with.

BDNF – Miracle Grow for the brain.  (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor).

Neurotrophin vs neurotransmitter

“Go Wild” by John Ratey mentioned.

“Play” by Stuart Brown discussed.

Kids spent most of their time playing which aids brain development.

Can apply to humans as well for mood and emotion.

Play teaches where the “edge” is…

“The unconscious origins of certainty” – an ebook by Dr. Campbell.

It is based upon an interview with Dr. Richard Burton about his book “on being certain.”

The feeling of knowing

The confidence of certainty has no bearing on the reality of the rightness we think.

The take home message is to be more tolerant of others.


Being human

“Mistakes were made, but not by me” –Carol Tavris


Coming up soon in Birmingham

The Dalai Lama

Dialogue in Birmingham, Alabama, USA on October 25: His Holiness will participate in a dialogue on Neuroplasticity and Healing organized by the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Contact Website:

Brain Science Podcast information discussed.

Also, check out the Brain Science App.

Discount code for a monthly subscription:  BSP-500

Beer:  Michelob Ultra

WOD:  Palliative                is medical care that relieves pain, symptoms and stress caused by serious illnesses, improving patients’ quality of life.

The Prism Podcast – Episode 32

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Called by some “The Bill Nye of Australia,” Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki (Dr. Karl to his devotees) is a whirlwind of science knowledge and entertainment. Join us on an amazing, fun, and wild ride with Dr. Karl!

The Prism Podcast – Quickie 2

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Triclosan has been in the news lately and has been banned in some products in Minnesota. In question are some studies that suggest that the anti-bacterial agent may have negative health effects such as acting as endocrine disruptor, possible carcinogenic activity, and creating resistant strains of bacteria. Are these claims justified? If you are using a triclosan-containing product, should you be concerned? In this Quickie, Jason and Grant review the current status of triclosan and offer their opinions.