The Prism Podcast – Episode 27

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Dr. Kent Smith talks to us about the dental management of Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

The Prism Podcast – Episode 26


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Ms. Monica Metzler JD MA, Founder and Executive Director of the Illinois Science Council, joins us today on The Prism Podcast.

Episode 26

Monica Metzler JD (Illinois Science Council)

Founder & Executive Director

Monica’s formal education in science ended with high school chemistry. She went on to earn a B.S. in Public Policy from Northwestern University, and a J.D. along with an M.A. in Policy from Duke University. Her latent interest in science continued and in 2005 she realized Chicago had no coordinated effort promoting science as it did for arts & culture. She created ISC in 2006 to share the astounding amount of science happening in her hometown.


Science café.  Café Scientifique.  Science in the Pub.  And more.

A rundown of some of their projects and events.

Science funding is lacking.

Understanding of science and technology makes us have a better society.

More description of many of the amazing programs the Illinois Science Council has had.



Lightning strike/tasers/etc.

Coffee (intelligentsia)

String theory

Chicago as the city of science.

The birthday of science.

Pi day 2015!  10 digits of pi to celebrate.  See us there in 2015.

Ninja learning.

Marijuana, Microbes, and Milk.

Brain programs coming up.

Beer:     Flywheel from Metropolitan brewery.

WOD:    Kleptoparasitic

The Prism Podcast – Episode 25


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Ms. Tara Haelle, science journalist, is our guest today.

Episode 25

Tara Haelle

With expertise in vaccines, parenting, prenatal and children’s health, mental health, marine biology, test prep, children’s writing, education and travel, Tara is a “Jill of many trades” who is becoming master in a few of them. She has been a photographer for more than 17 years and a journalist for more than 20 years, specializing for the past four years on health and science reporting. She also specializes in writing for children and curriculum development, drawing on her years as a Texas high school teacher and her graduate work in reading comprehension instruction. Since earning her Master’s in Photojournalism at the University of Texas at Austin (Hook ‘Em!), her work has especially included more multimedia projects.

Tylenol and ADHD –

Vaccines discussed.

Epistemology and social psychology

Science as a self-correcting process.

Obesogenic environment –

Billboards increase soft drink consumption.  TV watching increases junk food consumption.

Evidence Based Parenting.

From pre-conception to age 5.

Formula feeding vs breast feeding


Sleep training.

And more!


Read what Tara has to say:

WOD (thanks Dr. Andy Miles):

Thanks again to Symphony of Science for the use of the closing song.


The Prism Podcast – Episode 24


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Dr. Larry Cook discusses ethics with Jason and Grant.

Episode 24

Dr. Larry Cook

University of Florida College of Dentistry

Restorative Dental Sciences

1396 Center Drive, Room D9-6

Gainesville, FL. 32610


A primer on dental ethics:

“Stuff and things get old quick!”

Ethics is intimately involved in all of life, everyday.

How has the internet changed our ability to form relationships with patients?


Form and Substance.  Form vs Substance.

Aristotle à Socrates

Princples in Dentistry:

  1.  Autonomy
  2. Nonmaleficience
  3. Beneficience
  4. Justice
  5. Veracity

Redneck Riviera:

Discussion about new graduate challenges.

Corporate dentistry discussion.

Beer!!  Chimay:

WOD:Meretricious:  apparently attractive but having in reality no value or integrity.

Thanks to Dr. Diane Johnson

Thanks again to Symphony of Science for the use of the closing song!

The Prism Podcast – Episode 23


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Dr. Alan Mead sits in with Jason and Grant. In this episode we discuss anti-fluoride nonsense, NCCAM nonsense, and beer misinformation nonsense. Plus the Word of the Day. And grape soda.

Episode 23

Guest Host Dr. Alan Mead

“The Blogging Dentist”


Fluoride discussion

False Balance explained

Fair and balanced is not always necessary or required.


Cosmos and the study of lead in the environment.

What will be the conversations around fluoride in relation?


Grape soda

Scientific journalism and headline dramaticism.

NCCAM discussion

Horse Serum

$406,000 spent to test coffee enema’s and prostate cancer.

“I’m all about cupping”

Warm socks


Avoid or not?

Foodbabe discussed


And more

Faygo Grape Soda!


Bells Brewing – Porter


Thanks again to Dr. Alan Mead!


And thanks to Symphony of Science for the closing music.