The Prism Podcast – Episode 45

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Britt Marie Hermes was a naturopathic physician in the US for three years before becoming disillusioned with the profession. Realizing that Naturopathy was primarily an ideology based system rather than science based one, Britt made the difficult decision to leave her career. Hoping to help educate others as to the “inner workings” of Naturopathy, Britt started a blog called Naturopathic Diaries (

The Prism Podcast – Episode 44

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Clay Jones steps in for Jason as we interview Alan Levinovitz. Alan Levinovitz is an assistant professor of Chinese philosophy and religion at James Madison University and author of The Gluten Lie: And Other Myths About What You Eat.

Also, the winner of the Prism Podcast – Carbon Dating caption contest is announced!

The Prism Podcast – Episode 43

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Kyle Sanders is the creator of the wonderful skeptical and science based comic strip Carbon Dating ( He shares how he gets his material for his strip, AND he has agreed to partner with The Prism in a cartoon captioning contest!

The Prism Podcast – Carbon Dating Caption Contest!!!

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We at the Prism Podcast, with the generous consent and participation of recent podcast guest Kyle Sanders of the online comic strip Carbon Dating, are pleased to announce the Prism Podcast – Carbon Dating Caption Contest!

Consider the following real (or hypothetical) scenario:

What is something unscientific you would NOT want to hear from your dentist? Alternately, have you heard any egregious anti- or pseudoscientific advice or explanations at your dentist’s office? If so, submit your answers to The Prism Podcast/Carbon Dating Caption Contest at, @prismpodcast, or @carbonkyle using the hashtag #prismcaption. The winner will be drawn into a Carbon Dating comic!! Contest ends April 25th and the winning comic strip will be released a few days later!

Good luck and happy captioning!!

Jason, Kyle, and Grant

The Prism Podcast – Episode 42

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In this episode of The Prism, Dr. Julie Frantsve-Hawley returns to co-host as we discuss recent fluoride literature and what it means.