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RANDIWe are thrilled to interview James “The Amazing” Randi on this episode of The Prism! Magician, Debunker, Skeptic, and one of the founders and leaders of the skepticism movement as we know it today, Randi is a hero to many, including us. In this interview, we discuss The Amazing Meeting (TAM), the new direction the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) is taking, and whether his beard has magical powers. Enjoy!!

Episode 34

James “the amazing” Randi

Alice Cooper discussion and stories.


Magic and Skepticism – why does there seem to be so much overlap?

JREF (James Randi Education Foundation)

A little history, present and future.



The state of critical thinking today.

Mentors and inspirations

The beard

Beer tricks and treats

TAM – The Amazing Meeting


The Amaz!ng documentary “An Honest Liar” – http://anhonestliar.com/wp/

WOD: Propitious