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Brennen McKenzie, MA, VMD is a 2001 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, and he works as a small animal veterinarian in private practice in California. He has a special interest in promoting science-based veterinary medicine and is currently President-Elect of the Evidence-Based Veterinary Medical Association. He has published articles on evidence-based medicine in veterinary science journals, and he also writes about both science-based and “alternative” veterinary medicine as the SkeptVet.

Prior to becoming a veterinarian, Dr. McKenzie completed a Master’s Degree in animal behavior, studying captive chimpanzees and working as a specialist in environmental enrichment for captive primates.

Also, Dr. Clay Jones is introduced as the new co-host of the Prism!

Chiropractic adjustment of a giraffe.

Chiropractic adjustment of a ferret.

Chiropractic adjustment of a horse.

Acupuncture on a dog.