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Clay Jones and Grant Ritchey are a pediatric hospitalist and general dentist (respectively) with a scientific worldview. The Prism Podcast began in 2013 with Grant and Jason Luchtefeld in order to communicate, promote, and teach critical thinking, skepticism, and science based medicine and dentistry. Jason left the show in 2016, but returns from time to time to visit the old neighborhood.

It is our mission to bring you timely topics and to educate and entertain with our articles and podcasts. We try to choose a variety of topics and guests to keep things interesting.

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2 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Martin Law said:


    Following the chat with Adam Levinovitz the other week, you should try to get hold of Professor Tim Spector whose new book The Diet Myth has just been published. I’ve read it and it parallels the arguments in The Gluten Lie, but from a more scientific and less philosophical angle as you might expect and expands it out to cover gut bacterial populations as a more likely cause of the modern disease epidemics. Spector’s background as an academician seems impressive and his work on the gut biome is fascinating. A patient of mine, a noted endocrinologist and diabetes expert, told me recently that more and more of their research is pointing towards gut bacteria and genes as a cornerstone of the problem.


    Martin Law BDS
    @lennylaw (we already follow each other on Twitter)

  2. While I enjoy your podcasts, I have a suggestion: Add a podcast ‘Title’ or ‘Subject’ to the podcast number. Using iTunes, I download & listen to a number of podcasts and having a Subject line helps pique my interest…or not.
    This small change will also make advertising your podcasts more in line with what appears to be a podcasting standard.
    Thanks for doing what you do.
    P.S.: I enjoyed the SkeptVet podcast. However, Brennen should stick to actual veterinary medicine as his knowledge about canine food & feeding is merely an opinion – and not very well thought out. His confirmation bias is showing.

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