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In May 2013, Dr. Eugenie Scott received an honorary doctorate and gave the commencement address at Chapman University.  As usual she had some humble and excellent advice.  The link is for the commencement with her portion starting at 40:10.  A few of the highlights are worth noting:

Typical graduation speech advice about everything known now will be obsolete in 40 years is “dumb.”  Many things in the universe will still be same and will remain as interesting and inspiring as ever; earth orbiting the sun, biology of our bodies is amazing, and more.

There will be advancements made in our understanding of things between now and then.  Embrace those things as they occur.

You will have the opportunity to make the world kinder, more compassionate, beautiful, and more fruitful.

“Good decisions are based on logic, reason, and evidence, tempered by empathy and compassion.”

Anytime you are inclined to agree with a position, ask yourself “is there another explanation?”  We should never be too quick to be certain.


Enjoy the video!