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Dr. Mark Crislip is our guest today.


Episode 13

Dr. Mark Crislip

5 page CV…let’s just say he has experience!



What is the Society for Science-Based Medicine?

  • A Society for a community of like-minded individuals, both in and out of health care, who support Science-Based Medicine.
  • People should not suffer, die and lose hope, time and money due to pseudo-medicine.

The mission of the Society for Science-Based Medicine includes, but is not limited to,

  • Educating consumers, professionals, business people, legislators, law enforcement personnel, organizations and agencies about Science-Based Medicine.
  •  Providing resources and information for information concerning all aspects of Science-Based Medicine. Providing a central resource for communication between individuals and organizations concerned about Science-Based Medicine.
  • Supporting sound consumer health laws for the practice of Science-Based Medicine and opposing legislation that undermines Science-Based Medicine.
  • Encouraging and aiding legal actions in support of the practice of Science-Based Medicine.


www.sciencebasedmedicine.org  = the famous blog.


http://edgydoc.com/  = all things Mark Crislip.


Infection discussion – dental infections to hospital infections.


Joints not seen as much.


Should we take antibiotics when we brush and floss?


“Cockroaches don’t like light” – shining a light on bad practices has a tendency to weed out some…

Do you watch Portlandia?

What is the craziest alt-med claim?

Grant Strips.

Dentistry and SBM?

The influence of Ron Burgundy.

And the all important Beer Question!


Word of the Day:  Cornstalk.



Thanks again to Dr. Crislip…oops, I mean Mark.


And thanks to SymphonyofScience for permission on the closing song!